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" Our passion is making your dream reality! " - Remy

Real Estate

Our aim is to offer you any advice or guidance you might need when it comes to the topic of real estate. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to create new homes from the ground up, but can also assist you when it comes to purchasing a home.



We take the time to have a conversation with you to see what your vision and wishes are. We also discuss how we can realize these and also look at the available budget.We make a design that takes into account the vision, wishes and budget of our customer. Together we also look at what fits in the budget or not. Then we go to work. 

We conclude by presenting the blueprints and 3D design, with which we also provide all the calculations. 

We pride ourselves on being a company where your money is invested, and not simply spent.


When remodeling an existing house, we also like to take into account the wishes of the customer. After this meeting we will look at the existing building's structure, foundation, and condition. If all is well we will proceed with the design and present a new look of the house/building together with a 3D design and all calculations.

Financial Report


Bank approval: We are there for you from the very start. We guide you through the process of getting your loan approved by the bank.


Personal Finance: Whether it is the first time you are trying to get a mortgage or if you live abroad: we are here to assist you through this time to make it an exciting one, rather than a stressful time. We gather the necessary information ourselves and approach the various banks to get you the best possible mortgage.


Capital Raising: If you already have for example the terrain you want to build on, but do not have the means to build, or would rather not spend your own capital doing so, we can assist you in creating a plan to approach investors with to raise the capital necessary to move forward with your project.

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